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The Belgian in Bombay

Hi everyone!!
So, I haven’t written any blog in a while and this is my first blog after about a year. To let you all know why I haven’t found any time to write any blog is because I took up a job as a Data Analyst at Comcast in Sept 2016 which kept me super busy. I realized after in about 6 months that that job wasn’t my cup of tea so I resigned and founded The Chai Bar in Philadelphia in a couple months which kept me even busier than before and I couldn’t find much time to write any blog. At The Chai Bar I experimented and developed a lot of new recipes. We have done a lot of crazy stuff and one among them is Chai Beer. We made 3 attempts and finally got our best recipe down and today I’m going to share with y’all our mind blowing beer recipe, ‘The Belgian in Bombay.’


3 lb Amber DME
3 lb Light LME
2 packets of UK East Kent Golding hops (1 oz each)
Imperial Organic Yeast B45 Gnome

60 minute boil time

Add 3 lb Amber DME with cold water and bring to boil
Add 1 packet of hops at hot break
30 minutes – add ½ a packet of hops
15 minutes – add ½ a packet of hops
5 minutes – add 3 lb of Light LME
5 minutes – add 2 cups of chai extract (from The Chai Bar)


Attempted to maintain fermentation temperature of 72 degrees Fermented for two weeks (no secondary fermentation) Hope you guys try it and enjoy it as much as we did. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding The Belgian in Bombay. Cheers!!   Chai beer